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Challenge of Flight

Watch, Know, Learn

How Things Fly

Real World Physics Problems-Aerodynamics for Kids

NASA:  What is Aerodynamics?

Up, Up, and Away

Land, Water, Sky, Oh My!

NASA Games for Kids

History of Planes Video

Flight Aerodynamics

Bernoulli’s Principle

Science Stories

Aviation and Bird Shapes

Physics and Motion

Science Toy Maker

Beginner’s Guide to Aerodynamics

Jef Raskin’s Coanda Effect: Understanding Why Wings Work


Plane Builder

Flight School



Curriculum Plans: Your “Flight Plan”

TriStar Experience offers a variety of interactive learning experiences and activities that give participants a newfound appreciation for the field of aerodynamics and the opportunity to learn more about flight up close and personal. TriStar Experience programs offer the chance for students to tour an actual plane inside and out, as well as participate in hands- on, STEM based activities to support learning the critical concepts within aerodynamics, and meet some experts in the field along the way.