• Please arrive at the TriStar Experience at Kansas City International Airport 15 minutes before the program start time. This allows time for lunch storage, bathroom breaks, check-in, and group organization.

  • All programs must end at the original end time, regardless of when the program starts.

  • Those participants requiring special accommodations, please contact a TriStar representative prior to your visit.

  • A TriStar representative will contact you 24 hours prior to the field trip to verify the number of students and chaperones attending the field trip.

  • Teachers should divide students up prior to coming to the field trip into the appropriate number of groupings. This number will be determined when educators and TriStar Representatives are in contact prior to your visit.

  • Each student will receive a wristband with a color that identifies which group they are in for the modules throughout the experience.

  • A final headcount and a listing of the different groups & parent volunteers should be emailed 2 business days prior to the field trip, so that we can make preparations for your arrival.

  • Bring lunches in a box with school name on it. These will be stored when you arrive until lunch break.

  • Some schools have found that having a zipper bag with each child’s name on it is a good way to keep materials students collect throughout the day organized for the trip home.



  • Please follow the directions that will be emailed from our TriStar representative prior to your field trip day.

  • Students should wait on the bus until a TriStar representative comes to greet the group.

  • The coordinating teacher should have a final headcount of students and chaperones, and any adjustments in leader names, etc. should be given to the Tristar representative at that time.

  • Upon check-in, groups will place their lunch items in the assigned spot given them by the TriStar representative.

  • Parents and students will go straight to the section of the plane that begins their TriStar Experience.  Rotations will occur according to the schedule you will be emailed prior to the visit.

Formative/Summative Outcomes

TriStar is committed to utilizing best practices for evaluating program outcomes.  Learners participating in the program will take part in formative and summative evaluations to measure understanding of the TriStar Experiences main teaching concepts.

TriStar is also committed to reflective practices that will allow for additions and alterations to the curriculum to best reflect curricular and developmental needs of participants based upon data outcomes.

Educators and volunteers will also complete surveys to assist us in evaluating program components.



Curriculum Plans: Your “Flight Plan”

TriStar Experience offers a variety of interactive learning experiences and activities that give participants a newfound appreciation for the field of aerodynamics and the opportunity to learn more about flight up close and personal. TriStar Experience programs offer the chance for students to tour an actual plane inside and out, as well as participate in hands- on, STEM based activities to support learning the critical concepts within aerodynamics, and meet some experts in the field along the way.

Just like in actual aviation where each aircraft flies on an individualized flight plan under the direction of an air traffic controller, tour groups will work with a TriStar representative prior to your visit to select the FLIGHT PLAN for their age group, curricular needs, and time restrictions. Once there is a scheduled FLIGHT PLAN, TriStar Experience representatives will then work to create a rotation schedule for your group based upon your group age and size. This rotation schedule and information about grouping students and securing parent volunteers will be provided to you once there is a field trip reservation.